Proven Benefits of Ayurvedic Self Massage

The Eastern medicine is spreading across the globe and it wins hearts and minds. considers Abhyanga massage one of the most interesting and promising in terms of health benefits. It shows a great advantage over other types of massages. These benefits were proven by countless research and medical data.

    • Improves overall circulation.
      The studies show that Ayurvedic massage really helps with circulation. If you massage your feet and/or any other part of the body for at least 20 minutes a day, you will notice that your circulation and well-being are getting better.
    • Helps feel awake and alert.
      Patients who tried this type of massage reported improved feeling throughout the day. They also reported that they felt better, more awake and well-rested.
    • Starts reductions in heart rate.
      If you’re looking for something that would reduce your heart rate and bring it to the healthy range, this massage does miracles. The majority of patients who has issues with their HR reported that the numbers started climbing down as they started massage sessions.
    • Helps with dry irritated skin.
      Sesame oil that is used in the process will really nourish and help your skin become healthy again. That is one of the best ways to make your skin healthier. The majority of patients (including those who had severe cracks on their feet) reported that their skin got better and stopped itching.
    • Helps with Diabetic Neuropathy.
      People who suffer from Diabetic Neuropathy experience horrible burning sensation quite a while. They can’t relieve that feeling with meds sometimes, but Ayurvedic massage (if you massage feet for 2 weeks for 20 minutes a day) seriously decreased and intensity and number of those burning attacks.
  • It brings calm.
    Our way of life and its speed are getting crazy. With all of that and the constant rush, you need to rest and let it all go. However, people can’t cope and actually let their troubles disappear. If you have to lower your stress levels you absolutely have to try Ayurvedic massage. It will help you keep your cool.
  • It helps with arthritis pain.
    People with arthritis go through terrible knee pains that can’t be ignored. Normal massages don’t help us much as Ayurvedic massage does. The majority of patients noticed real improvements after just a few sessions.
  • It helps with postpartum depression.
    Depression after a delivery is such a common thing nowadays, but people still are trying to find a good way to deal with it. The majority of women have to breastfeed after a delivery, so they can’t afford anti-depressants. Ayurvedic massage is the best way to reduce the symptoms of depression and bring the mood swings to the norm without taking medication.
  • It helps with chronic back pain.
    If you often experience pain in your lower back, however, you’re perfectly healthy, you might want to try Ayurvedic massage. The effect of 5-10 sessions lasts for 6 months! That is better than buying expensive treatments or enduring pain. Massage will help you live a full life.

This type of massage is also done with special oil that supposedly increases its benefits. Ancient Indian texts state that you have to rub yourself with that oil once a day if you want to improve your health and stamina, look better and have better sleep.