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Sharing your personal story is the best way to help us! We are always looking for new authors and new interesting pieces of reading, so we would be glad to see your story on our site. If you want to send it to us, consider a few rules first.

  • Make sure it’s on topic.
    We are writing about unconventional medicine and we won’t approve a post that is on some different topic. If you want to work with us, you’d have to write on a topic our readers would be interested in.
  • Give us the details.
    We are always interested in reading stories about your personal experience. If you want to tell us how you felt during your holistic care practice or why you came to unconventional medicine, we would be glad to hear that, but we need details. Please include them in your post.
  • Check your post before you send it.
    If your post is full of mistakes it only means that you were not interested in it enough to take some time to correct those. That way, it means we shouldn’t be interested in your article too.

We want to see more personal stories on our site, that’s why we frequently approve those stories faster. If you’re planning to leave us your story include a place where you tried holistic care, who your practitioner was, how the session went, etc. The juicier your story is, the better.

If you want to write on another topic, you’d have to make sure we don’t have anything similar already written. We have many tips and guides, so that section is pretty much full. We would also appreciate if you write something for our blog only, as we don’t accept plagiarism.

If we like your story, we have a position of a writer in our magazine. If you like holistic care and you want to know more about this type of medicine you can do it by writing about it.